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1987 Toyota 4Runner Digital Dash has intermittent flickering problem?

I'm about at my wits end.. and wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they resolved it... or if someone can tell me how to get it fixed. The dash lites are fine and then suddenly they start winking on and off... then they're totally off... wait a while and then they're on again. Have replaced the ignition switch (someone told me that mite do it). No change. Took the dash out and sent it to a place in Canada that troubleshoots digital dash problems... they certified it as A-OK. Put the dash back in and it's STILL doing the weird thing. Have had the wiring gone over... have even bypassed the ignition and tested the dash with a hookup straight from the battery. This is making me crazy!!! Any suggestions??? :-(1987 Toyota 4Runner Digital Dash has intermittent flickering problem?
sounds like you may have dash dimmer switch bad could be geting hot and shoting lights off1987 Toyota 4Runner Digital Dash has intermittent flickering problem?
your dimmer switch is part of your headlight switch change the headlight switch and problem solved this is a common problem on those vehicles

What does VATS mean or stand for.?

I am tring to replace or modify a ignition switch on a 94 Lumina and was told something about changing the VATS. Does anyone know what that is or how to do that?What does VATS mean or stand for.?
Vehicle Anti Theft System. If your key has a black pellet built into the shaft, that's the VATS resistor pellet. The key cylinder has contacts built into it that measure the resistance; if the vehicle computer doesn't see the right resistance value it won't allow the starter to crank.

If you still have the old key, you can measure the resistance in the pellet and have a key cut for the new ignition cylinder that uses the same value resistance pellet as the old. A locksmith should be able to help you with that.

There are also instructions you can find online for permanently bypassing the VATS system so you can use an ordinary key to start the vehicle.What does VATS mean or stand for.?




1985 Chevy K-20 won't start!?

Hello, i have a 85 chevy k20 4wd truck. I was in the woods pulling some trees we were cutting down. I shut my truck off, and when I went to start it it did nothing. The headlights turn on, and the horn works, but i'm getting no power to the ignition. When i opened the hood the batter fliped out of holder, and was upside down. I checked fuses, ignition fuse was blown, changed that, and still nothing. I tried another battery, and nothing. We tried jumping the starter, and it rolls over, and wants to start, but won't stay running. I purchased a ignition switch, took old one off, now i'm having trouble putting the new one back on. There is a actuator rod, not sure if the new one just sits on it, or what, don't see how that would do anything. Any suggestions, or other things that could be problem, or do you think its the switch. Thanks1985 Chevy K-20 won%26039;t start!?
Sounds like the fusible link wire might be burned. This truck may have more than one. The one that feeds the ignition switch could be at a terminal block either on the firewall above the distributor or at the starter on the stud where the cable attaches. Disconnect the battery before you work on it. The fusible link is a portion of the wire that is smaller in diameter than the main wire it feeds and it is connected with a molded connector that is part of the wire, You must clip off the thin portion of wire and replace it with new fusible link wire, a new connector and a new eyelet. The wire is a special alloy that burns when it overheats and the insulation is silicone so that it does not catch fire. The purpose is to protect the main harness from being destroyed. Be sure to use fusible link wire to replace the original. You can tell if it is burned if you lightly pull on the wire and it stretches like a rubber band.

As far as the switch goes, you should have left that to a mechanic that knows how to install and adjust it. You may have damaged the link rod assembly inside the steering column and that requires special tools to disassemble if you have a tilt column. The switch itself is at the bottom of the column and only needs standard tools, The switch is preset to align with the lock tumbler in the lock position. Just place the switch over the end of the rod so the part sticking up aligns in the hole in the switch. The mounting screws should line up with the holes in the metal part of the switch.Good luck1985 Chevy K-20 won%26039;t start!?
Hi did you test for sparks?

An easy way to test for spark is with an inexpensive spark tester. This is a device that is readily available at most auto supply stores. You use it by simply holding it next to a spark plug wire. If you see the neon lamp flashing while someone cranks the engine, then you have spark and should move on to checking for fuel. If there is no spark, or a very weak spark, you will have to do a series of methodical tests that vary depending on the type of vehicle. You will need a repair manual for your car in order to get the correct diagnostic procedures.1985 Chevy K-20 won%26039;t start!?
just got here but i am with firedray.. sounds like a burnt fuselink1985 Chevy K-20 won%26039;t start!?
when you said you replaced the switch you do meen the electical part im assuming anyway the switch has a hole in the bottom of it thats where the actuator rod goes so when you turn the key tumbler the actuator rod can move the electical switch which may have to be ajusted so that your acessoray postion works also you should then try to use a test light and see if yor getting power to the starter when the switch is turned to the start postion you can also try plugging in the switch and use a small pocket screwdriver to move the switch and see if it will start GOOD LUCK1985 Chevy K-20 won%26039;t start!?
you could have melted a wire, before the fuse blew. Since you flipped the battery, it it most likely shorted something out. Also, its a bit confusing, saying that it wants to start, but it wont stay running, If it does start, you have another issue. probably flooded the engine if you tried pumping the pedal too much.1985 Chevy K-20 won%26039;t start!?
Check your wiring harness near the distributor for a fusible link, usually integrated with the wire and manifests itself as a thicker portion of the wire. Of course, if it is burned out, it may be more obvious than that.

Remote control battery low warning?

Citroen %26quot;door open%26quot; light flashes when ignition is switched on, owners handbook says that the battery in the remote door locking control needs replacing and needs to be re-introducing to immobiliser after replacing battery. I have changed battery and re-introduced (by pressing button with ignition switched on) the remote but the door open light still flashes (not solid light like when doors are still open). How do I solve this?Remote control battery low warning?
Strange we have just had a similar problem with our Renault Megane. It did work properly though when I reprogrammed the remote. However in the manual it does say if it doesnt work then you need to consult a dealer so I guess thats what you need to do.Remote control battery low warning?
How about trying this: Disconnect the car battery and let it sit for about ten minutes then reconnect. That might clear something in the computer memory. It's an outside chance and you can't do any damage other have to reset the clock.

Car starts good,but once i turn off and back again its hard,n i have to press the gas so it stays on?

Scenerio,wake up going to work,turn car on,no problem,stop by the Vons/711 about 1 mile(dosent matter how long but i notice after i start it the 1st time),then try to turn it on,wont do it on the first time nor the second unless i press the gas right after i turn the ignition switch. Just got a head gasket change,valve job. What can be the problem? also i feel it sluggish from 1st gera to 2nd,but all the rest feel ok.Never had problem until after job done. Also batter is like 2 month old Duralast Gold. 2005 Impala 3.4,3400Car starts good,but once i turn off and back again its hard,n i have to press the gas so it stays on?
If I had that type of work done to my car %26amp; it was going OK before. I would take the car back to the person who did it %26amp; ask them to check it out. They should be able to shed some light on the problem. They may have to keep it overnight to see what you are talking about. That is my suggestion to you.
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  • 1967 Chev Implala Help?

    1.I rebuilt my rochester 4b carb and everything is fine except the little coil where the rod goes to. There is to much slack in it and the vent on my carb wont open and close correctly,any suggestions on how to adjust this

    2. When I go to start my car sometime,it wont do nothing, not even try to turn over, i figured it is my ignition switch, any instructions on how to change, it is on the dash not stering colom.

    3. The clock doesnt work, what things do i need to check.

    Thanks for the help,if you need me to explain any further,just let me know, i have never used this before so i might not be 100% clear.1967 Chev Implala Help?
    Not sure on the carb.

    i wouldn't change the ignition switch just yet i would check to make sure everything it getting power starting at the battery, starter, solenoid, ignition, grounds. try turning the key to the run position and then jump the soleniod and see it that works.

    as for the paint you can drive it anytime just dont wax it or go though a car wash1967 Chev Implala Help?
    Go to this site %26amp; enlarge picture may help you with the linkage

    禄禄禄1967 Chev Implala Help?
    67 Chevy and Pontiac had inherently poor ignition switches, changed quite a few in my garage.

    First check the electric connections for cleanliness and tightness, starting with the battery posts.

    If it still happens after cleaning and tightening, try this trick, when the problem occurs, turn on the headlights and try it again, if the lights fade to nothing it is probably a dead spot on the starter, if they don't dim the ignition switch is bad.1967 Chev Implala Help?
    The choke coil should be adjustable by loosening the cover retaining screws and rotating the coil until it just closes the choke plate when the engine is cold....there should be an arrow on the choke coil cover that indicates the direction of rotation of the coil. If there's no coil adjustment, you have to bend the choke rod to obtain the same results....a good service manual will help stores carry Chilton or Haynes for around 25.00. Also, if it's an electric choke coil, make sure there's power to it with the ignition on...if it's not electric but heat operated, you have to see if the exhaust manifold heat valve and the intake manifold passage for exhaust below the coil are's common for them to get plugged up and easier to just rig up an electric coil setup wired to the ignition....or a manual choke.

    Ignition problem could be a number of things...bad ignition switch, bad neutral safety switch, bad starter solenoid or loose, corroded battery cables. It's best to test for power from the ignition switch through the neutral safety and finally at the starter solenoid to make sure it's getting power or if not, where it isn't getting through...again, a good service manual will help. The ignition switch is held in the dash by a bezel that unscrews...the neutral safety switch (for an automatic equipped car) is usually at the bottom of the steering column inside the car by the sits on the upper or side of the column and may just need adjustment...try wiggling or moving the shifter while trying to start....if it starts better, the NS switch is bad or needs adjustment.

    Clock problem could be from not getting power....check the wire going to it for power. It could also be just worn out....those old time clocks usually get gummed up over the years and quit working.....there are companies that rebuild them...check out for some or just buy a stick-on digital one.

    2002 impala wont start?

    2002 impala wont start?

    i have a 3.8 impala and i just changed the switch of the ignition now it wont start i put the old one back on and it wont start either i got it to start straight from the starter but it shuts off. what can this be and how can i fix it also everything turns on just dosent crank at all2002 impala wont start?
    make sure the battery is charged. turn ignition off, attrmpt to start the vehicle, leave the key on and engine off uintill security lamp terns off in 10 min. Repeat this two more times, for a total of 30 min. The body control modual will learn new password on next start. the vehicle will then start and run.2002 impala wont start?
    The ECM needs to be reprogrammed to the new ignition. The anti-theft feature was activated when the switch was changed. Any GM dealer will be able to do it and it takes about a half hour.