Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1989 Thunderbird?

How hard is it to change the ignition starter switch? I can not use the heat, turn signals without jiggeling the key several times and even then it doesn't work at all1989 Thunderbird?
You gotta realize that the switch ain't where you put the key! The switch is located on the top of the steering column well under the dash. Replacement is not too difficult, I will post the %26quot;book%26quot; instructions. There may be other problems with the actuator or linkage to the switch. It may also have become out of adjustment. Check the adjustment per the following instructions. This type of Ford switch is known to %26quot;loosen up%26quot; meaning where te switch slide is held in by bent over tabs, over time it will become loose. New switch should cost under $20.00, Good Luck!

Disconnect battery ground cable.

Remove steering column lower shroud, then remove four nuts holding column assembly to column mounting bracket.

Remove steering column shroud attaching screws, then the steering column shroud.

Disconnect ignition switch electrical connector, Fig. 1, then rotate ignition key lock cylinder to ``Run'' position.

Remove switch to lock cylinder attaching screws.

Remove ignition switch from actuator pin.

Adjust ignition switch by sliding carrier to ``Run'' position. A new replacement switch assembly will be preset in ``Run'' position.

Place ignition key lock cylinder in ``Run'' position by rotating cylinder approximately 90掳from ``Lock'' position.

Install ignition switch on actuator pin. Slightly move switch back and forth to align mounting holes with column lock housing threaded holes.

Install switch to lock cylinder attaching bolts and torque bolts to 50-60 inch lbs.

Connect switch electrical connector.

Install steering column trim shrouds, then check ignition for proper operation.1989 Thunderbird?
just start unscrewing all the paneling around the steering column, you'll eventually get to it, good luck :)1989 Thunderbird?
Not the easiest thing in the world to do. Tedious unscrewing all those little screws and removing the trim pieces to get to the switch.1989 Thunderbird?
Just pull the trim panels off from around it.You have to have the key in the switch.You'll see a hole in the aluminum with a steel pin up in it.Use a small punch or nail to push the steel pin farther in and pull the switch out.
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