Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do you change an ignition switch?

I have a 79 buick regal and I need to change the ignition switch. it has no small hole around it to put a paper clip in and pull out. Detailed instructions pleaseHow do you change an ignition switch?
assuming is the lock cylinder you need to replace it goes like this:

(1) remove horn switch pad-bolts thru back of steering wheel

(2)carefully lift pad from wheel--dont pull the wire-grasp white conector push slightly and turn counterclockwise and it should pull free

(3) remove center wheel nut

(4) if you dont have acess to a wheel puller get an assistant,grasp wheel @ 3%26amp;9 oclock and with a wood block against threads(dont hit threads with out a block or you will never get nut back on)hit block with hammer while pulling the wheel

(5)the next part is the wheel lock,it is spring loaded,as you sit in car using thumbs you can depress it and assistant can pry small circlip that retains it(dont lose clip!!) and lift out of the way

(6) remove 3 screws that hold turn signal switch there should be just enough wire slack to lift over steering stem and out of way

(7) at approx 2 oclck position inside the cavity you should see a white clip with a copper colored contact that partially covers an Torx screw,try to remove screw without pulling the white clip out(this is part of keys in switch buzzer,if you dont like buzzer pull and discard the clip%26amp; contact,otherwise try to keep in place because is a pain to put back in!!!!)

(8)Key tumbler should pull out of column,compare new part to be sure is same and reverse disassembly steps to get it togetherHow do you change an ignition switch?
The switch or the lock cylinder?

The switch is on the steering column near the bottom its actuated by a rod from the lock cylinder.

To remove the cylinder you need to pull the steering wheel there is a bolt with a torx head that holds the lock cylinder in place. Remove the bolt and pull out the lock cylinder.How do you change an ignition switch?
I am going to assume you mean the ignition lock cylinder.

Your Regal probrably has a Saganaw column.

You will need to remove the steering wheel (you need a puller to pull the wheel off the spline). then you will need to compress the steel plate to pull the snap ring holding it in place. You will then be into the column. There will be a screw holding to cylinder in place (torx). remove the screw and pull the cylinder out, be careful as the gear and sping set up on the inside end of the cylinder will want to come out. Put the new cylinder in place and be sure the tooth on the gear is aligned properly. Secure the cylinder and put the column back together using the pree to put the plate and snap ring back in. The steering wheel can be pressed onto the column with it's nut. If you need to chance the ignition switch itself it is located down the column. I believe it is attatched with 2 screws and actuated by the rod controled by the gear.